Chicago Mosaic


CHICAGO MOSAIC Cobb Web and flowered

I have for sale this leaded slag glass lamp made by the Chicago Mosiac lamp company. its a pretty cool lamp and one i have not seen before. the base measures 24 inches tall and the shade is 18 inches wide so its a full sized lamp for sure. the base in original wonderful patina from top to bottom. its been recently rewired. the shade with a different sort of coloration and really performs well. There are some very minor hairline cracks in a few of the slag pieces but are super tight and certainly not going anywhere (please see photos). This lamp and its in very good orignal condition. the base also has the green felt on the bottom.


The Mosaic Lamp Co. of Chicago, c. 1910s.
"Chicago Mosaic" was one of the finest makers of stained glass lamps, and are
highly collectible.

The Mosaic Shade Company of Chicago, Ill. Today these lamps are known by
dealers and collectors as Chicago Mosaic