Duffner And Kimberly Table Lamp


Here is a nice DUFFNER AND KIMBERLY table lamp has a nice 16" shade with great glass that throws off coppery romantic lite. The 22" high base is really nice as well. Great original hardware with 3 HUBBELL sockets with acorn chain pulls.


The was formed in late 1905 with a substantial capital
investment of $300, 000, an enormous amount of money in that day and within
months was able to bring to market an impressive line of leaded portables and
fixtures. Duffner & Kimberly tried to carve a separate niche for themselves
by concentrating on high period styles, a genre that Tiffany had largely
neglected. The company began operations with great ambitions and an impressive
array of lamps, but their timing proved unfortunate. Almost from the beginning,
they were beset by financial difficulties and never able to expand their
top-of-the-line offerings much beyond their initial line. Nevertheless, Duffner
& Kimberly left us with an impressive legacy, the depth and scope of which
we are only just beginning to appreciate. Their best lamps reflect a high level
of craftsmanship and a sophisticated eye for design that certainly merits
comparison with anything Tiffany was capable of producing. On the other hand,
some of their simpler lamps exhibit a remarkable creative flair. and it is
apparent that they explored the possibilities of the medium to a greater extent
than Tiffany ever attempted.