Dugue Ceiling Lamp


Here is a nice Dugue ceiling lamp.Out standing lamp and colorful.
Things you might want to know about DEGUE ART GLASS
David Guéron
(Degué), was the founder of the "Cristalleries De Compiégne" this first
glassworks company mainly produced household glass in the early '20s.
Anticipating changes in the market he founded in 1926 a new factory, which he
called "Verrerie D'Art Degué" and put his full attention on the designing and
production of luxury art-glass. Guéron mainly produced vases, lamps and
chandeliers. Due to the impending War he was only on production for a short
period of time (1926-1932). His new factory and art glass production ended too
soon. He fled France and was last seen in Paris in 1949.

Original Degue lamp fixture with two center lights and three sockets. The fixture has been repainted. I believe there were originally three "roses" near the top,now there are two,but I do not know for sure. THe fixture will hang down 40 inches from a ceiling when intact. Includes lovely pate de verre bowl with three matching shades. All shades are marked "Degue". I do not see a mark on the fixture. The bowl measures 13-3/4 inches in diameter and it is 4 inches deep. The smaller shades are 3-3/4 inches square at the base and 5-1/2 inches tall. The fitter holes are close to 1-1/8 inches in diameter. The shades have no chips or cracks. There are some scuffs and one has a white patch that measures 1/2 by 3/4 inches,about the size of a price sticker. The fixture will be shipped disassembled. As with any vintage lamp, it will have to be rewired before use for safety.

French Art Nouveau ceiling light designed by David Gueron. He operated his studio "Verriers d'Art Degue" in Paris from 1926 until the German invasion of 1939.