Frank Art Lamp


Here is a nice FRANK ART lamp. Original finish, which is a common color with the FRANL ART lamps. Solid piece and works well. measures 15" high with a mica shade measuring 8" x 4".

As I noted on my "Art Deco and the 1920's" page, the Art Deco movement inspired all facets of American lifestyle. Gone were the sentimental decorations and ghosts of the past. Newspapers, radio, magazines and newsreels opened the world to American audiences, who found it easier to learn of worldwide news and events.
In Egypt, on November 4, 1922, Howard Carter's workmen found a hidden step near the base of the tomb of Ramses VI. Carter had discovered not just an unknown ancient Egyptian tomb but one nearly undisturbed for over 3, 000 years. It was that of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, the Boy King. Artists, fashion designers, sculptors and others incorporated this Egyptian influence in their own work.
This is very evident in Arthur von Frankenberg's designs as he added progressions of stepped-up tiers to the bases of his nymphs. Similarly, other companies providing figural decorative arts such as Ronson, Betty Beck and Nuart added similar designs to their figural accessories. Not only was Art Deco flexible enough to incorporate Egyptian motifs but Oriental, African, Mayan, and Native American designs were also used.