Glass Handel Tiffany Style Lamp By Gorham


This lamp is a really great example from a superior quality maker by the name of Gorham. They did make some fabulous lamps. . . . . . and this is one of them. Just look at the construction of the shade. Very, VERY, thin lead lines. Very, VERY, tiny pieces of glass. Super design with outstanding shading. Just really well done all the way around. In terms of dimensions, the shade is 17 1/2" in diameter and the lamp stands 21 1/2" tall. The shade has an intertwining fleur-de-lis pattern with nicely matched glass that really accentuates the design. Just a great Arts & Crafts look. . . . . just imagine how it would look on your Stickley table! The simple trumpet style base is still of superior quality and is solid bronze with a cast iron weight in the bottom. . . . . . it alone weighs over 10 pounds! It is fitted with nice old Hubbell sockets with their original interiors and acorn pull chains. If you have been looking for a very fine example of Gorham's work, this is the one for you. They don't get much better than this in terms of color or condition, so don't let this one pass you by.

The Gorham Mfg. Co. stands out as the only firm to
outdo Tiffany in the ostentation of their work. Perhaps because they were
already accomplished in bronze and silver work, they added a leaded shade studio
in 1905. This impressive model is one of their most elaborate
creations. The shade is made up of hundreds of high quality individual pieces of glass, far
surpassing anything Tiffany attempted at a comparable scale.