Morgan Art Nouveau Hanging Chandelier


Fantastic Morgan Art Nouveau Reverse Painted Leaded Hanging chandelier with three satellite shades Garlands of Flowers & Intertwining Ribbon Bows! Circa 1910-1920's. Wonderful very high quality oversize leaded reverse painted hanger. Awesome cat paw granite glass that really glows! Has wonderful intricate Art Nouveau Garlands of flowers with draped ribbon bows. Exceptional fire when lit to the granite glass in this shade! The lamp glass is in excellent original condition, no chips or cracks. This is a completely original lamp that was taken down from a ceiling in an Albany, New York area home where it has hung since new just after the Turn of the Century. The hardware is original to the shade and it has three GE sockets with original pulls and a wonderful brass screws with flowers. The lamp has it's original wiring that was still in current use. The main shade is lamp is 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep, and the three smaller shades are 4 by 5 inches. The entire lamp is 32 inches long from the ceiling cap to the bottom. I have been selling lamps for 20 years and we have never sold a more fantastic hanging chandelier, it's the best!!! This is a wonderful Turn of the Century hanger with the best glass and beautiful leading! $2,950.This beauty is identified and shown on page #107 of the PAUL CRIST VOLUME II MOSAIC SHADES book.

JOHN MORGAN & SONS 1902-1913- 32 EAST NINTH ST WITH MANUFACTURING IN BROOKLYN NEW YORK.The Morgan Brothers manufactured a whole range of superb lighting products .Morgan evolved a unique style of hammered copper metalwork.