Handel Molded Lamp


As many of you have come to know,I endeavor to present for your consideration the rare ,hard to come by up scale lamps while specializing in Handel lamps.In keeping with that tradition,here is one that certainly fits in that category. THIS HANDEL LAMP HAS IT ALL .

This 1914 HANDEL lamp is obverse and reverse painted with chipped ice with trellis , blooming flowers and leaves , fully signed , numbered #6284 and artist signed by William Runge whom was an artist of renown in his own right ,long before Handel's employment .This rare lamp shade has three bronze flowered rosettes and the super rare compound molded design which was most difficult and costly to manufacture. has true artistry in the had painted plethora of blooming flowers. Like having a fresh bouquet of blooming flowers on the table every day .

Please know this HANDEL LAMP IS EXCEPTIONAL, MUSEUM GRADE, PROPERLY SIGNED and completely correct . Albeit the HANDEL LAMP CO.was in business for half a century , while producing many designs , not all appeared in their printings as is the case here. Because of the necessary resources needed to produce this lamp,the production was very short ,which attests to it's rarity . The 24" base is the stylized tree trunk style with great original patina , 3 HUBBEL sockets with acorn chain pulls.has been rewired for another near century of dependable service .Priced to sell