Pairpoint Flowered


Here is a very nice Pairpoint lamp. Measures 10" and is 17" high. The base is properly signed Pairpoint and numbered and has flowers in bloom on the shaft. Has good original hardware. The 10" shade also has flowers in full bloom and parrots and vertical trees to give that arts and crafts look. Has good color coordination and nice artistry definition. A very nice and showy lamp. Shade is not signed.

The Pairpoint Manufacturing Company was established in 1880 in New Bedford, MA. Producing coffin fittings and metalwork, Pairpoint approached its neighbor, Mt. Washington Glassworks, about a possible merger. Combining metalwork and glassware production in 1894, their merger created lamp and lamp accessories including the well known Pairpoint lamps.

The Pairpoint Merger

From circa 1895 to 1930, the newly formed company was best known for their blown glass shades in three types: blown out reversed painted shades, ribbed reverse painted scenic shades, and landscape shades. Cut glass lamps and lamps with metal overlay were also produced by Pairpoint during this period.