Gustav Stickley 5 Lite Chandlier


Here is a very rare GUSTAV STICKLEY 5 lite chandlier. #223. Is excellent and correct in all ways.
Super rare and valuable. Barbara Streisand sold her's for $68, 000 plus auction juice.
I have the complete provenance of this lamp. I am selling my big home and downsizing to Naples Fl. This great and rare lamp has hung in my library for decades. This Gus #223 is properly signed and shown on page #163 of the "EARLY WORKS OF GUSTAV STICKLEY " book. Will sell for $42, 500. I also have a Gustav Stickley wall sconce, also properly signed as shown which I would sell for $1875

Gustav Stickley was born March 9, 1858 in Osceola, Wisconsin and
died April 21, 1942 in Syracuse, New York.
First trained as a stone mason, Stickley preferred to work in wood and
dreamed of building fine tables and chairs. He learned furniture making at his
uncle's chair factory in Lanesboro, Pennsylvania. Traveling to Europe in 1896,
he met notable Arts and Crafts designers. The following year he returned to the
United States and founded the United Crafts of Eastwood, New York. In 1904, he
founded the Craftsman Workshops. The furniture he designed and made was mostly
of native American oak. It was of a sturdy-plain design in contrast to the
highly decorated late Victorian pieces. Joinery was exposed and upholstery was
carried out in canvas and leather (natural materials). It became known as
Mission Style. Stickley's designs were exhibited at the prestigious Grand Rapids
and Pan American furniture expositions. The Stickley operations turned out high quality copper works, trays, lamps and hardware. All very desirable and valuable.