Aladdin Lamp Base


Here is a properly signed ALADDIN lamp base. Model #500, properly signed with cap and finale. Selling cheap.

The Aladdin Manufacturing Company was founded in 1919 and established at 2500 S. Hackley Street in
Muncie. The company produced Aladdin Electric Portable Lamps in a wide range of styles and prices.
The Aladdin Manufacturing Company of Muncie was completely separate from the Aladdin Electric
Lamps, a competitor located in nearby Alexandria, Indiana, and from Aladdin Industries, maker of
Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps. By 1925 the Aladdin Manufacturing Company was producing "all
kinds of portable, desk, table and floor lamps, and silk and parchment shades. " In 1927 hand-painted glass
shades were also added. Lamps were sold locally through the Household Electric Store on Jackson Street,
as well as through retailers in other towns and by mail order. The company changed its name to General
Lamps Company in 1936 and moved its operations to Elwood, Indiana, in 1941. The General Lamps
Company went out of business in 1959.